Bruce & Jack – Our Advisory Team


Bruce & Jack


Bruce Holwerda and Jack Boersma are BIB Group’s business advisory team.  With over 75 combined years of business ownership and upper-level management oversight, Bruce and Jack are experts at critically analyzing businesses that are oftentimes distressed and offer sensible solutions to help improve operations.  BIB Group is very excited to have Bruce and Jack on our team !!




Bruce S Holwerda was in the Steel Industry for 35 years with three different companies in various capacities from inside sales to Management.   The latest being with Ambassador Steel Corporation as an owner and Chief Operating Officer.   Bruce started the Fabrication Div. within Ambassador Steel from one plant to twelve that encompassed the entire Midwest.

After leaving Ambassador, Bruce has invested in various types of businesses that have included rubber products, chrome plating, automotive parts liquid painting, powder & E-coating for various industries, construction products for the interior of all types of buildings/structure and the sales of metal buildings.  He still holds ownership positions in some of these companies.

Bruce enjoys all aspects of business and all types of business; however, he would state that his real strength is growing a business by being sure the right people are working in the right position on the right projects with the right tools or with the right products.    He is not concerned whose idea it is; but, is it the right idea bringing success to the entire team/company.

Bruce also has extensive experience with the acquisition of companies or the sale of a company or even parts of a company.   He has also advised the owners and (or) the management of companies within multiple industries whether an acquisition or merger or even a sale is in the best interest of all concerned.

Bruce would sum up his main goal and preference in any situation would be an outcome of  “Win – Win!!”

Bruce graduated from Northwestern College with a teaching degree and emphasis in coaching Football.  Although, he went into business, he has spent many hours volunteering as a coach to many young people and now does some of that with his grandchildren.

Bruce has said that joining B.I.B. as a Business Advisor and team member to assist owners/key management  in achieving the best results for their company going forward is and will be an exciting next chapter.



Jack Boersma has over 40 years’ experience in a variety of management roles in a variety of industries, many of them as an owner. He remains president and owner of an international distribution. With an undergraduate degree in economics, an honorable discharge from the Army and an MBA degree, Jack began his career with Lincoln National Corporation. Responsibilities there included Internal Management Consultant projects, three years as Director of Accounting Systems and five years as AVP and Director of Group Administration. He then transferred to an affiliate K & K Insurance, a specialty risk MGA where Jack served as Sr. VP of Operations, which included overseeing acquisitions.

From there, Boersma acquired two companies with a partner, the first an international distribution company and the second a reseller of 3-D CAD software serving as President of both simultaneously. Ownership in other companies included surgical instrument repair/modification, scrap rubber refining and manufacturing as well as real estate interests, all in active roles as president, GM and/or sales manager.  These were interspersed by various consulting projects in turnarounds, business development, succession planning and the development of strategic plans.  The performance in all these roles was marked by success.  Many receiving accolades for partners, accountants and bankers.

Now with a wide range of knowledge and successful experiences, Jack’s passion ha s turned to coming along side of other business owners and executives helping them through problems, business development, strategic planning, succession plans as well as M&A transactions. He enjoys working with the veteran team at BIB Group helping others achieve their full potential.