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Client Buying Criteria

Finding the right business opportunity begins with a full understanding our client’s personal “buying criteria.” As business brokers, we guide the buyer in finding the right business fit by evaluating your buying needs and wants. For instance, we will determine your investment price range by evaluating your budget with you and what you would like to invest into a company. Secondly, it’s important that we determine what your strengths and weaknesses are in order to find the right business. We will take a look at your skills and experience to clarify what industry, location and environment aligns with your talent and the lifestyle that you prefer. For example, what area or type of business are you looking for?  Are you looking for a turn-key, self-sufficient business? Or would you like to be hands-on and active from a day-to-day standpoint? Are you looking for a healthy business or distressed scenario? 

Once, we begin to discover the best business fit for you, then our brokers can begin the business search process. Once we find some business prospects, we will guide you through the infrastructure of business for sale. After that, then we can continue with the other stages process of a business buying. BIB Group makes a point to spend the necessary time to better understand the vision, goals and needs of our clients. Most importantly, this gives us the tools needed to find the best fit for our buyers.

Owning a Business

We understand that owning a business is more than just another job or merely a paycheck. It is the ultimate lifestyle commitment. It requires a tremendous amount of hard work, foresight, sacrifice with the opportunity to put your business ideas into practice.   As the owner, you will make decisions that are crucial to the success and profitability of your own business.  You have control in every aspect of your business, from employee selection to day-to-day operations.

Owning a business can open up the opportunity of making more money than you ever could working for someone else. As a business owner, you are in the unique position to be part of a community. You will be a factor in the local economy for many years by providing jobs for residents. We understand that buying a business is an investment. Our brokers will work diligently on your behalf for you owning the right business.

Stages of Buying a Business

We are committed to providing buyers with knowledge on local, regional and nationwide listings.   In addition to “public listings”, we also have “silent listings” of companies who choose to keep the sale of their business 100% confidential.  One of our main responsibilities as a business broker is to help the participants navigate through the different, and oftentimes challenging, stages of a business transaction. Therefore, it’s important when finding a good fit to at the evaluation of the business for sale. Why is the buyer selling? Many times, it’s because the owner is retiring or has a lifestyle change. How much working capital do you need? What about business finance? Is this a year around business or seasonal? These are just some questions we will evaluate and will continue to provide you with all the answers to your questions.

BIB Group have been in the Business Investment Broker Industry for over 35 years so we have the knowledge and expertise to lead you in each step of the process. Therefore, we will lead you through the procedures, details, negotiations, and transfer of ownership. We will help manage agreement forms, advise on making an offer, negotiating purchase and any other due diligence needed before closing. Our brokers work on making the entire process operate as smoothly as possible.

Buying an Existing Business

We certainly understand the thought process of wanting to own a business because many of our brokers have started their own businesses, therefore we know the difference of starting a business from scratch to buying an existing business. Starting a business can be very challenging with an unforeseeable future.

Meanwhile, buying an existing business gives the buyer benefits from the beginning. First, by working with a business broker the planning process is reduced and details are clarified.  The buyer will have existing resources along with the purchase. For instance, existing resources can also include knowledgeable employees, current customers, suppliers, vendors and more. Moreover, the buyer will have immediate control over direction they want for the company. Lastly, immediate cash flow will be easier to ascertain investors or loans.

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