Buyer Representation

BIB Group

BIB Group are Certified Buyer Representatives located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We represent buyers across the nation that are looking to purchase a company that fits their needs or expands on their buyer portfolio. So not only do we work with listing businesses for sale and representing the seller, we also have many buyers who retain our services to help find them a business. We qualify buyers and sellers to make certain we can accomplish what is best for all parties involved.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Business Investment Brokers understand the process of mergers and acquisitions and that it can be a large time commitment. With our expertise, we are able to navigate an acquisition and assist the buyer each step of the way from initial identification of a business seller to transaction. BIB Group have worked with Private Equity Groups to first time buyers, so we know what it takes working with all types of businesses.

Our Buyer Representation Program means that we work exclusively for the buyer. BIB Group searches for businesses that might meet the buyer’s specified criteria. With over 35 years of experience in the business investment broker field, we have an immense network to work with in order to meet the buyer’s requirements. Our end goal is acquiring the best value and most lucrative terms for our client.

Buyer Representative Program

Perhaps the greatest benefit of utilizing our Buyer Representation Program is the access gained to businesses that are for sale but the sellers are not represented by brokers or other intermediaries, and those not known to the public. We have a database of business sellers that are in the “hidden market.” The business sellers don’t list their business for sale in periodicals or on the internet, but will entertain qualified buyers.

Buyer Representation has become increasingly more common over the past 5 years and BIB Group are experts at finding the right fit for the buyer and seller. We alleviate the challenging process for the buyer and seller through knowing the industry requirements, documentation, market searches and transaction procedures. Our company takes pride in the many transactions, we’ve made over nearly 40 years. We take our due diligence and confidentiality seriously. Contact us for more information on our Buyer Representation Program.

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