Done Deals !!

Here is a general listing of the many different business types we’ve dealt with – AND SOLD – over the years:


Metal Fab (IN) – Pending offer

Metal Fab (IN) – SOLD

Metal Stamping (IN) – SOLD

Machine Rebuilding/Dealer (IN) – SOLD

Winding Machine Mfg. (IN) – SOLD

Industrial Knitting Mfg. (IN) – SOLD

Tube Bending (OH) – SOLD

Tool & Die Company (IN) – SOLD

Machining and Design (IN) – SOLD

Anodizing Company (IN) – SOLD

Multiple Plastic Injection Molding Companies (IN) – ALL SOLD

Patented Proprietary Product (IN) – SOLD

Picture Frame Manufacturer (IN) – SOLD

Pallet Manufacturer (IN) – SOLD

Production Machining (IN) – SOLD


Marketing Firm (IN) – SOLD

HVAC / Plumbing (IN) – SOLD

Daycare Center (IN) – SOLD

Restoration Business (IN) – SOLD

Large Used Car Dealership (IN) – SOLD

High-End Clothing Retail (IN)   SOLD

Multiple Insurance Agencies (IN) – SOLD

Bridal Retail (IN) – SOLD

Commercial Cleaning (IN) – SOLD

Multiple Bars and Restaurants (IN) – SOLD

Hi-End Restaurant (IN) – SOLD

Multiple Gas Station (IN) – SOLD

Retail Lighting (IN) – SOLD

Retail Tile (IN) – SOLD

Breakfast & Lunch Diner (IN) – SOLD

Reception / Banquet Hall (IN) – SOLD

Computer Retail (IN) – SOLD

Firearm Retail – (IN) – SOLD

Dry Cleaner (IN) – SOLD