BIB Group

Business Investment Brokers

We provide professional and confidential services to anyone interested in buying or selling a business.

We were founded in 1983 by Marcia Conley, President of BIB Group, and made our business home in the great city of Fort Wayne, Indiana. In the past several years, we’ve watched Fort Wayne grow immensely drawing businesses, culture and diversity to our city. Therefore, Fort Wayne gained much publicity and attention to landing as one of the best cities to live and cheapest cities to live. Another good factor for businesses to continue to grow.

Business Investment Brokers - Fort Wayne, IN
Business Investment Brokers Located in Fort Wayne, IN

Over the years, BIB Group has worked closely with numerous business owners and investors ranging from individuals, to large multi-million dollar buying groups. We’ve spent over 35 years building relationships and our active database of clients is extensive & diverse. Contact us for more information!