Businesses Sold

Mergers & Acquisitions

With over 35+ years in Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Investment Brokers has experienced just about every type of deal, ranging from 8-digit manufacturing transactions – to – small restaurants.

Because we take a “Relationship-Building” approach to business, we’ve managed to compile a truly impressive portfolio of longstanding Buyers and Sellers.

We pride ourselves with having a stellar, above industry standard, closing rate and were recently named a TOP 10 Business Brokerage Firm in the state of Indiana for 2022!

Here is a small sample of the different types of businesses and Industries we’ve worked with, and SOLD, over the years.

Machine Shops and Factories
Machine Shops
Mergers & Acquisitions
Distribution Centers
Tech Company
Technological Companies
Knitting Manufacturer
Textile Manufacturers
Plastic Pallet Manufacturer Sold
Pallet Manufacturer
Tube Bending Manufacturer
Pipe and Tube Bending
Mergers & Acquisitions
Plastic Injection Molding
Mergers & Acquisitions
Call Centers
Mergers & Acquisitions
Production Equipment Manufacturer
Mergers & Acquisitions
Metal Fabrication
Mergers & Acquisitions
Insurance Agencies
Mergers & Acquisitions
Auto Dealerships
High End Retail Shop
High End Retail Shops
Gas Stations and Convenience Stores Sold
Gas Stations/ Convenience Stores
Bridal Retail
Bridal Retailers
Bar Sold
Taverns and Bars
Fine Dining Restaurant Sold
Fine Dining Restaurants
Pizza Restaurant
Pizza Delivery and Restaurants

Top 10 Business Brokerage Firm in Indiana!

Merger and Acquistion Source
International Business Broker Association