For Sale: Patented Electronic Component

Patented Electronic Component

Business Type: Patented Electronic Component

Location: Midwest

Business Description: This is a patent-protected “electronic component” product with three patents already granted and three pending. It is a one-of-a-kind product that has been developed, fine-tuned and is ready to launch aggressively into the market.

Competition: Because of the protections granted by patents, there is NO COMPETITION.

Growth & Expansion: This product has, basically, been in design-mode since it’s inception. Now that it is fully developed, a company that has a strong sales division has an excellent opportunity to add on a proprietary product that has tremendous selling potential. 

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Owner Involvement: Owner is the product designer and handles all aspects of the business, other than manufacturing.

Support & Training: Owner is passionate about this product and is willing to stay on at an agreed upon time limit.

Reason for Selling: Retirement

Seller Financing Available: Yes

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