FAQ – Seller Considerations

When an owner of a business decides it’s time to seriously consider selling, some questions he/she might want to reflect upon include:


  • Why do I want to sell?  Is there a specific reason?

  • What am I going to do after I sell my business?

  • How will the sale of my business impact my family?

  • How will the sale of my business affect my loyal employees; and could they, possibly, be in a position to purchase the business?

  • How dependent is the business on me and can it move forward without my involvement?

  • Would I consider carrying part of the financing, or structuring an ‘Earnout’?

  • Do I have a qualified professional team in place to help advise me through the process?

  • Is my business profitable enough to justify the price I need to have in order to make it worth selling?

  • How much will I have to pay in taxes after the sale of my business?

  • Am I willing to stay involved with the business during the transition of ownership?

  • How important is confidentiality to me as I plan the sale of my business?

  • Will anyone else within the company be made aware that I’m thinking about selling the business?