Our Current Buyers

BIB Group has decades of established relationships with many financially qualified buyers & sellers of businesses.  These buyers range from private individuals to multi-million dollar M&A buying groups.


Here’s a list of a few of our current buyers with their personal profiles and areas of interest:

Industrial Manufacturing background:  is looking for manufacturing operation ($5 to $8 million annual gross revenues – may go bigger or smaller –  depending on circumstances).  Because of a very diverse background, this buyer’s areas of interest are not limited by specific fields of manufacturing.

Distribution and Accounting Background:  This is a general interest buyer looking for a profitable business investment (Has up to $1 million to invest).

Metal Stamping Company:  Interested in growing by acquisition (Would ideally like a business that generates approximately $5 million in annual gross revenues).

Textile-related Company:  Interested in obtaining other textile-based companies nationwide